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For over 15 years, we’ve treated students as individuals and tailored our tutoring programs to fit their unique needs, academic goals, and schedules. Our programs accelerate academic results, so your child can succeed.

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We understand that our global world is changing and that it is more important than ever to be competitive. We offer multiple ways for you and your child to achieve the success you deserve through in-person, online, or group instruction. Self-education and distance learning is extremely important because it provides us with the power to explore, learn, build, accomplish, and discover new and exciting things. If you find yourself in need, why not try it out today?

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From Our Parents & Students

James & JennyParents
Thank you so much for tutoring me in SAT and for my AP exam. Without your help, I would never have scored so highly on my test. Since you’ve been tutoring me, my math, writing, and test taking skills have improved. I will miss you when I go to college.  Feel free to put my photo up on the wall of success!

Thanks so much for all of your help with both John and Mary. John is so excited that he was just accepted to UCONN, his first choice! Mary is also excited about her ACT scores and will hopefully get into her number one school next year!
I really appreciate all of your hard work with John and Mary, and I’ve recommended you to numerous people looking for SAT/ACT prep. I’ve been raving about you to everyone!

Thank you for eight years of wonderful tutoring for Nancy. We could not have gotten this far without you. Keep up the great work that you do with these students!
Scores just came out, and I cannot stress how much you’ve helped. The first time I took the math section I had a 520. This time, I had a 610! It’s crazy how much your sessions helped me. Thanks again! You’re amazing!

I almost don’t know what to say, but Thank You!
Farah couldn’t believe her scores when she saw them on Friday and is still wondering how this happened.  I know she worked very hard but she certainly couldn’t have done it without your guidance and help.
We have been singing your praises to many other parents and shared your contact info with several.  Maybe your phone is already ringing off the hook but if not, it might soon be.
One question – have you ever had a student improve so much from the PSAT (or prior SAT) to the SAT?  230 points was well beyond what we expected or even dreamed of.
Thanks again and all the best

Thank you so much for helping me out on the SAT. I didn’t expect to do so well but with your help it happened. Thank you so much! Definitely going to recommend you to some of my friends!
Thank you for your tutoring with Brian. He really liked working with you. I also appreciated being kept in the loop on his progress each week.

We Teach the Ensuing Skills

Whether we’re working on preparing your child for standardized tests or writing an essay for history class, your child will gain valuable skills that they can utilize in any academic area. Many of our students often find that they use the strategies and concepts from our sessions in their future careers. Our goal is to not only work on the task at hand but to also prepare students for the future. They’ll learn valuable skills in writing, reading, planning, and organization.

Combined with the Proven Teaching Methods for Easy Understanding & Technical Concepts

Mathematics & Science

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